Peace Lily

…is a comedic tale of how young Sophia overcomes her self-doubt and stubborn pride when forced to transverse a minefield of vipers and shady characters on her first job at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

What if the Office meets There’s Something About Mary in a feature film?

In this classic coming-of-age and underdog story, the innocent but stubborn heroine confronts evil in many hilarious scenes to eventually conquer the evil.

PEACE LILY is a comedy drama with romance.

It follows Sophia and her unexpected ally Michael as they discover the deeper levels of corruption going on in the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Problems occur when the villain feels threatened by Sophia’s knowledge of his corruption. He and his cohorts try to get rid of Sophia by any means.

Now Sophia and Michael must find a way to expose the criminal activity or else.

This unique approach is unlike any in its genre.

It’s the kind of film that’ll bring independence, passion, and purpose to your life.

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The Brand StoryHome

…is in honor and memory of Tessa, my small Maltese born October 6, 1993, and passed away September 18, 2009.

I was considered the 3rd dog in Tessa’s pack. Her first master was the first dog, Tessa was the second dog, and I was the third dog. No matter what I’d do to gain respect or position in Tessa’s eyes… I was “ the third dog.” She was so adorable and such a character. I caved to her demands…and she was very demanding…which brought me joy and contentment. Her demands were begging for food and sitting on my lap.

Tessa had a few quirky personality traits based on her past…growing up in a less than ideal environment thrown into the backyard with two Dobermans to fend for herself. She was about 3 pounds at that time the runt and a spitfire. Not far from being a replica of me….she made me smile with joy at her attitude.

Quite the problem solver

She also liked mischief and got herself into some severe problems. Like the time she discovered chocolate candy on the coffee table and laid in wait for her moment to snatch the candy bars run upstairs and hide them under the bed until nightfall. In the middle of the night, I awoke to a banging noise. It was Tessa banging her water bowl against the metal stairs to get my attention. I soon discovered several empty candy wrappers, piles of vomit everywhere, and Tessa hitting the bowl. It is unbelievable that she survived that terrible episode eating more candy bars than I could… at one time!

Filled with inspiration

She will always be my inspiration and a reminder of perfection.

As I emerged in the second half of my journey as a storyteller, launched myself into the world of screenwriting, and left behind an entirely different phase of my life, I also had to let go of my friend…my companion my little spitfire Tessa.

I will forever be the 3rd dog.